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Regional Fleets 

Eastern Region

Eastern Great Lakes Region
Contact J.P. Clowes
  • Fleet 98 - Columbus, OH

Florida Region

Intermountain Region
Middle Atlantic Region
Contact Erika Seamon

New England Region

Contact Brian Wilson
Northern California - Nevada Region
Contact Steve Lowry
  • Fleet 4 - Palo Alto, CA
  • Fleet 31 "The Flamingo Fleet" - Fresno, CA
  • Fleet 56 "The Banana Slug Fleet" - Santa Cruz, CA
  • Fleet 97 - Santa Rosa, CA.
  • Fleet 102 Sacramento, CA

Northwest Region

Contact: Toby Deming
  • Fleet 23 - Portland, OR
  • Fleet 89 - Eugene, OR

Southern Region

Southern California - Arizona Region

Contact Michael Measures (805) 466-2646  
  • Fleet 37 - San Diego, CA
  • Fleet 128 - Morro Bay, CA

Southwest Region

Western Great Lakes Region

Plains States Regions

Western Canada Region     

Ontario-Quebec Region


Contact Itzac ben Kalech e Almeida  

All it takes is 3 active members...and its off the to the races...or BBQ! For more information about forming or reactivating a fleet, contact the DSA Secretary.

DSA Members from across the country gathered on Cape Cod for the 2015 North American Championship Regatta sailed on Pleasant Bay.

Upcoming events

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